Eating An Elephant – One Bite At A Time.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you will know that you will be training for anything up to six months prior to the race itself. You will have ‘milestones’ in your training schedule that will take you from running maybe 3 miles in 30 minutes to running 26.1 miles in 4-5 hours on race day

This download will show you how you can realise the vision you have for your business over time. You will eat your elephant – one bite at a time.

Accounting in the family business. A smiling woman working with a computer in a plant store
  • Establish the vision you have for your business – what it will look like when it’s ‘finished’
  • Know the structure, systems and processes you will need in place
  • Decide when you want to have achieved it by
  • Analyse what you need to do in order to achieve it
  • Work out where you need to be in twelve months
  • Know what you need to do in the next ninety days to be where you want to be in a year
  • Involve your team in all of the above
  • Allocate tasks to each of your team

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