What Doesn’t Kill You May Make You Stronger

As we head towards the second lockdown for England of 2020, many people will be fearful of losing the businesses they’ve built, some over many years.

I want to share some of the things you might think about doing during the next five weeks to ensure your business comes out the other side in good shape.

Firstly, keep communicating with your existing customers or clients. They may be going through a difficult time themselves and will probably be pleased that you’ve thought of them. Take the opportunity to continue to build rapport and try to offer solutions to any issues you might discuss.

I will be speaking to each of my clients to get a good understanding of where they are mentally and what they are planning to concentrate on in the coming weeks. This is vitally important because if their needs have changed, I will want to adapt the coaching I provide them during this time to ensure they achieve their objectives.

Secondly, take the opportunity to speak with past or lapsed customers or clients you have worked with. Again, thinking of them at a time where they probably feel helpless or even vulnerable shows you are willing to support someone who has supported your business in the past

I will be making contact with clients I have worked with in the last couple of years to see how they are doing and to see if I can do anything to help them get through the current crisis.

Thirdly, ensure you are speaking as regularly as you can with staff and/or contractors that work within your business. Working from home can be a very lonely experience for some and it can be very difficult to keep focussed. Remind them of the part they play in achieving the mission of your business, that they are part of a team and that they, despite working from home, have your support, as well as that of other team members.

I have a couple of associates I will be speaking with as often as I can to ensure we are all approaching the situation in a unified way. Keeping positive but realistic

Finally, keep yourself in the minds of both your existing and prospective clients or customers. It may be that they are unable to buy from you currently, however you can still share the key messages you want to communicate, as well as sharing cases studies or testimonials from satisfied clients or customers.

I will be keeping my presence high on social media promoting my free discovery sessions and the Business Made Simple Business MRI. This will enable people to talk through any concerns or ideas they have, using me as a sounding board where necessary.

We need to help one another through this current crisis. We are not in this alone and we are probably better off than many.

Keep focused on what’s important to you, your business and your stakeholders and you’ll have a much better chance of coming out of this fitter – after all, what doesn’t kill you will probably make you stronger.

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